Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Uninterviewable Pete

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Cool Calm Pete - Interview (Live At A3C - Atlanta, GA - 4/12/07) (Video)

Two interviews and all I learned is that Pete's new album is going to be called "Leonard Z"
And for the record it's cooler to be calm and soft-spoken than loud and obnoxious.

Here are two Babbletron tracks. "Space Tech Banana Clip" is Produced by MF Doom and is commendably thorough in it's encyclopedic referencing of sci-fi movies.

Babbletron: Birds

Babbletron: Space Tech Banana Clip


El Keter said...

Pete and Jaymanilla will go down as one of my favorite interviews of all time. They basically talked about Asian snack-foods and George Lucas for two hours. During that time Jaymanilla actually broke a chair in his (or Pete's?) apartment. The interview was so crazy that the CD I was recording it on ran out. Good guys. Good music. Can't wait for Pete's new album

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Voltronic Espionage said...

Is there anywhere I can find that interview?