Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back on the Road again

"She always cry when I tell her that I'll be going back on the road again"

That's the song I sing to wifey when It's time to lace up my (perforated) Rod Levers and hit the highway.
She is inevitably going to miss my tonnage.
But I assure her that I will eventually return to her with my Jimmy intact.
Sorry baby, but sometimes a man must venture out into the great wide open.

But there's something in the nature of men that makes us need to journey.
Yes, I am leaving town to make money.
That's part of it.
I have a instinctual need to provide for my family.
But also I must satisfy my wanderlust and put some space between me and my nest.
To feel a little freedom.

To swing my balls around in the open air.

Jungle Brothers: My Jimmy Weighs A Ton

Jungle Brothers: Back On The Road


El Keter said...

My blue perforated Lavers aren't going to last me much longer. And they don't make them shits any more. I really should have bought like 3 or 4 pairs when I could. Thanks for reminding me my favorite shoe has been discontinued.

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