Friday, May 4, 2007

A snitch in time

1. Ok. For the record: In my opinion, "snitching" is if you do something wrong, get caught, and then rat your friend out in order to save your own ass.

Call me a square.

That's how I always understood it.

If you live next door to the Son of Sam. You really need to be calling somebody, I don't care if it's the cops or Morgan Freeman or motherfucking Anderson Cooper.

2. Larry Wilmore is killing it as "senior black correspondent" on the usually pale-faced daily show (shouts to Aasif Mandiv!)

3. I hate how the mainstream media is all poised to jump all over this as another example of how the problem with poor inner city kids is they listen to too much Rap Music (and not that they're poor). Cam'ron is probably the worst spokesperson for Hip-Hop I could think of. I used to love watching KRS, The RZA, or Chuck D show CNN motherfuckas what's up.

4. Cam is like a 6 year old with the whole Stop Telling, No-Homo, School yard philosophies. You almost feel like he's gonna start yapping about girls having Cooties and Jay-Z picking his nose (and eating it).

5. Why is Tyson Beckford telling me to stop snitching?

Is he worried I'm gonna call the cops and tell them what a huge cornball he is?

6. After much deliberation, I have decided this is my favorite Hip-Hop song about Rat Bastards & Snitches, of all time.

It's Funky, Funny, & Fresh all at once.

MF Grimm: Watch Out
from his magnum opus, the first triple album in Hip-Hop history, AMERICAN HUNGER (Day by Day Ent. 2006)

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