Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More From The Dugout

If you've been visiting the site for a while now, you know I write a lot about The Dugout
That's because they're good and I like their music.
You may have seen my posts on Dugout members Cavalier and Starpower but today we're going to focus on Mercury

Here's what I'm going to ask of my Hip Hop from now on: Truth.

The role of the artist in society is to be a truth-teller. To speak truth to power. To say things other members of society cannot. Even if it means, at times, to approach taboo. Even, no, ESPECIALLY, if that truth is dangerous to speak.

But no matter what, truth. At all times, truth. Even the simple humble truth of being a regular human being.

check it:

Mercury: Draft Day

Mercury: Natural Black

Mercury: 3 O'clock High

Mercury: Genius Minds

you can Purchase Mercury's Higher Learning LP on iTunes Here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Merc is the truth, for real. I'm glad you are up on this guy!