Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Uninterviewable Pete

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Cool Calm Pete - Interview (Live At A3C - Atlanta, GA - 4/12/07) (Video)

Two interviews and all I learned is that Pete's new album is going to be called "Leonard Z"
And for the record it's cooler to be calm and soft-spoken than loud and obnoxious.

Here are two Babbletron tracks. "Space Tech Banana Clip" is Produced by MF Doom and is commendably thorough in it's encyclopedic referencing of sci-fi movies.

Babbletron: Birds

Babbletron: Space Tech Banana Clip

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More From The Dugout

If you've been visiting the site for a while now, you know I write a lot about The Dugout
That's because they're good and I like their music.
You may have seen my posts on Dugout members Cavalier and Starpower but today we're going to focus on Mercury

Here's what I'm going to ask of my Hip Hop from now on: Truth.

The role of the artist in society is to be a truth-teller. To speak truth to power. To say things other members of society cannot. Even if it means, at times, to approach taboo. Even, no, ESPECIALLY, if that truth is dangerous to speak.

But no matter what, truth. At all times, truth. Even the simple humble truth of being a regular human being.

check it:

Mercury: Draft Day

Mercury: Natural Black

Mercury: 3 O'clock High

Mercury: Genius Minds

you can Purchase Mercury's Higher Learning LP on iTunes Here


Bushwhackas: Caught Up In The Game

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back on the Road again

"She always cry when I tell her that I'll be going back on the road again"

That's the song I sing to wifey when It's time to lace up my (perforated) Rod Levers and hit the highway.
She is inevitably going to miss my tonnage.
But I assure her that I will eventually return to her with my Jimmy intact.
Sorry baby, but sometimes a man must venture out into the great wide open.

But there's something in the nature of men that makes us need to journey.
Yes, I am leaving town to make money.
That's part of it.
I have a instinctual need to provide for my family.
But also I must satisfy my wanderlust and put some space between me and my nest.
To feel a little freedom.

To swing my balls around in the open air.

Jungle Brothers: My Jimmy Weighs A Ton

Jungle Brothers: Back On The Road

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Old School Wednesday

I'm the motherfucker that rode zig zag lightning down the middle of the panama canal.

1. Baptised in a barrel of knives

2. Might as well get shitty right on down to the bone

3. Been known to eat a wild gorilla from asshole to appetite?

4. A bitch with a head shaped like a four-way cold tablet liable to say anything

5. Cobra snake for a necktie

6. Favorite drink: hydrochloric acid

and some other things I'll let you discover on your own

Snatch & The Poontangs: Two Time Slim

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nina Simone Sundays

Nina Simone covering Hall & Oats

Nina Simone: Rich Girl

Friday, May 4, 2007

A snitch in time

1. Ok. For the record: In my opinion, "snitching" is if you do something wrong, get caught, and then rat your friend out in order to save your own ass.

Call me a square.

That's how I always understood it.

If you live next door to the Son of Sam. You really need to be calling somebody, I don't care if it's the cops or Morgan Freeman or motherfucking Anderson Cooper.

2. Larry Wilmore is killing it as "senior black correspondent" on the usually pale-faced daily show (shouts to Aasif Mandiv!)

3. I hate how the mainstream media is all poised to jump all over this as another example of how the problem with poor inner city kids is they listen to too much Rap Music (and not that they're poor). Cam'ron is probably the worst spokesperson for Hip-Hop I could think of. I used to love watching KRS, The RZA, or Chuck D show CNN motherfuckas what's up.

4. Cam is like a 6 year old with the whole Stop Telling, No-Homo, School yard philosophies. You almost feel like he's gonna start yapping about girls having Cooties and Jay-Z picking his nose (and eating it).

5. Why is Tyson Beckford telling me to stop snitching?

Is he worried I'm gonna call the cops and tell them what a huge cornball he is?

6. After much deliberation, I have decided this is my favorite Hip-Hop song about Rat Bastards & Snitches, of all time.

It's Funky, Funny, & Fresh all at once.

MF Grimm: Watch Out
from his magnum opus, the first triple album in Hip-Hop history, AMERICAN HUNGER (Day by Day Ent. 2006)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Birds of a Feather

I'm not even gonna talk shit about chickenhead girls in this post.
Everything that needs to be said about no good, money grubbing, shameful ass females has already been said more eloquently than I'll ever be able to.

I don't even use words like Bitch or Ho or whatever.
There's no need.

I feel like it's even played out to talk shit about women. I hear that shit every five fucking minutes nowadays.

misogyny is officially played out.

Sally and Jackie were homegirls. They grew up together. Played hop-scotch and jump-rope.
They was thick as thieves until they started getting older and began to attract the gaze of the neighborhood boys.
They ended up competing for the same neighborhood derelicts. Their friendship couldn't survive in that heavy atmosphere of loneliness and desperation.

I just feel sorry for them both.

AZ: Ho Happy Jackie

Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics:
Sally Got A One Track Mind (Showbiz Remix)