Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get The Light Feet Going

The Project get the light feet going. Their album "The Truth Today" is set to drop at the end of September on Glow in the Dark Records.

This is the first single "The Light Feet"
This proves what New York has always known. You can make the people dance and be a real MC at the same time.
and It's dope.

Uptown baby!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Big hand, little man

Today's act is a young man from queens by the name of Despot
He recently signed to alt-rap powerhouse Definitive Jux
His tumbling fluid poetics remind me slightly of a young Breeze Bruin
His bio lists him as "a loyal and upstanding member of the infamous Lo-Lifes crew" and explains that he was raised in a kitchen.
"Crap Artists" has a big stomp like Godzilla Feet. "Substance D" is more subtle and beautiful.
Blockhead is handling most of his production but I can't be sure he did both of these and I'm too lazy to check.
Both is dope.
Check it.

"Exclusive !!!"

"Clue, Clue, Clue"

Despot: Crap Artists
Despot: Substance D

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tough Week

I've been having a tough week.

This Saturday @ Southpaw blow off some steam with some of TONYR's favorites.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Word of The Day


That's the word of the day.

It also happens to be the word of the last decade and a half of New York City history.

On the one hand you have displacement, rising rents, and loss of flavor. On the other hand you have less crime, more money floating around, and lots of single white women.

But one thing I know for sure is that true New Yorkers will find a way. I'm still here doing my thing. I am an adaptable urban animal and the city is a living ever-changing jungle.

This foliage can be a sunumabitch sometimes. I just break out the machete and chop my way through.

Andrew Ricketts from The Smoking Section wrote me an email about todays group The Super Chron Flight Brothers

Apparently the group is two guys from that Reavers record I never got around to listening to.

Turns out they've been making this really interesting, eccentric rap music (the kind I have a soft spot for).

Their album, Emergency Powers, is dope and should be checked out. It is dense and unpredictable, beautiful and sloppy.

This song just happens to be about today's word of the day.

quite apt.

check it.

Super Chron Flight Brothers: Rent Control