Friday, February 23, 2007

You ain't artsier than me

This one goes out to the new residents of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City, et. all. This goes out to people who call Bushwick "East Williamsburg" because that's what the realtor called it when they signed the lease.

Chill. You are all my sons and daughters.
New York is the cultural Mecca of the universe.
We were born and raised in this city soaking up culture since birth. The Bohemian traditions of the city run through our veins.

How you gonna move here from Des Moines, then suddenly turn around and act like some high-brow culture snob? I can still smell the farm on you! Chill. You are not fly.

You can't look down on a New York Accent. That's a badge of honor right there. Respect it.


The Grouch: Artsy

"'cause you pluck a guitar. That ain't fucking bizarre"


Anonymous said...

Ain't New York corny these days? Not to shit on the foreigners, but they done fucked the whole city up for real. Any real New Yorker knows that to be trendy is to be wack. You do what you do, and you don't give a flying fuck what anyone has to say about it.

Anonymous said...

HHHaaahhh HAaaaaaaaaa!!!! Fucking Dopely said ! How you gunna come from BrokeBack Mountain and be a culture SNob For Real!Hoooooooooooooo! That shit was sooooo in the back of my mind like........Where the fucking real new yorkers at? THey're surely there... like stars amongst galaxies of Farm boys.
Who ever looks down on a NewYork accent should be MODOFIED!

I found this blog while looking for this song called You ain't artiser Than me i heard at Studio B from the glitch mob. This is my craft right here eatting up the spectrums of moments in new york