Thursday, February 15, 2007

Old School Wednesday

Old School Wednesday comes a little late this week because yesterday was Valentines day and I was busy wining and dining a fine dime. I'm sure you all understand.

After MC Search got gassed (GassFaced?) and left 3rd Bass for his huge solo career the other 2 basses were a little upset. In the video for Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich's "Rat Bastard", Pete Nice, playing Robert Deniro's Role in The Untouchables, bashes a Search look-alike in the skull with a baseball bat. Gangster.

That album Flopped. And Search's next Def Jam project got shelved

As Nasty Nas would say: Where are they Now?

Pete Nice is now a baseball historian, author, and runs a memorialbilia store in Cooperstown, NY. And MC Search is a Judge on America's next top model or something I think.

1. Kickin' the BoBo is something I still do on the regular.

2. I was gonna post the video for "Here it Comes" after I seen it on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. But when I went there today it said it had been removed "due to terms of use violation". Which is really too bad because the video is on some "Honey, I Blew Up A Bespecticled Jewish Rapper" shit. What I mean is he's all godzilla-sized, stepping over buildings and doing ILL dance moves.

3. Search Is re-releasing his shelved Def Jam Project from 1994 under the name "M.any Y.oung L.ives A.go" This track has made its rounds on the intraweb already but, whatever, it's dope. Check it:

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich: Kick The Bobo
from Dust to Dust (Def Jam 1993)

MC Search: Here It Comes
from Return Of The product (Def Jam 1992)

MC Search: Handle it
from M.any Y.oung L.ives A.go (Shelved by Def Jam 1994 - Released 2007)

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