Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring Training

I'm the Lastings Milledge of this Blog Shit. I'm that cocky rookie. I'm ruffling some feathers with the older cats but they all know I'm nice with it.

Lastings walked back to the clubhouse after one of his last games last year to find a note taped to his locker that read "Know Your Place Rook!"

Willie Randolph started his first press conference with something like "OK lets get the Lastings Milledge shit-talk session out the way first."

In honor of Spring Training I offer these tidings:

Natural Resource: Negro League
This is Jean Grae's first group (They used to call her "What? What?"). To me she never really lived up to the potential heard in these early recordings. This three song 12" is one of the true gems of that mid-90's new york indie-wave.

Main Source: Just A Friendly Game of Baseball
Fuck The Police (RIP Sean Bell)

De La Soul (feat. Dres): Fanatic of The B Word
Come on everybody do the Baseball.

Ahmad, Ras Kass, & Safir: Come Widdit (The Fredwreck Remix)
They went all around the planet pitching and no-one hit it. The original joint was off the Streetfigher movie soundtrack. This version is off the 12" (they also had a video that was hype)

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StarPower said...

The wild shit is that I've been singing "come widdit" for a coupla weeks now. for some reason it now sounds like a drug-slingin' song to me - "pitchin' and no one hit it..."

but really, that was my shit, and i loved the video. it's ill when someone brings up some obscure shit that you could never holla at no one about. i know it probably wasn't obscure out west, but the bad boy/wutang niggas i was rollin' wit' wasn't checkin' for it, lol. peace.

Dallas said...

I'm seeing you out here and I'm digging your shit (no John Amaechi, of course)