Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stretching You Out

It's two thousand and seven, we're not only supposed to have electric cars, we're supposed have electric FLYING CARS. I've seen "Back to the Future II". Hoverboards too! I mean, that was set in 2015. But I'm sayin' though....

This is a movie poster from a documentary about how all Dick Cheney had to do was make one phone call and they came in the middle of the night and repo'd all your electric cars.

They BEEN having electric cars for years. And they worked too! (not even hybrid jump-offs but true-blue plug-that-shit-in-overnight-like-a-cell-phone type Electric Cars)

The reason why OIL is so Cot-Damnned profitable is 'cause it can be controlled. Any fuck-toy of a country can build a dam or a couple of windmills but OIL can only be found in a handful of places. To control those places is to have influence over the entire world economy (hence The War in IRAQ).

The topic today is "ENERGY".
Our guest speaker is Mr. Biz Markie

Biz does a cover of one of those School-House Rock Cartoons. It's the most informative song "That Ol' New York Rap" has posted so far. Check it.

Biz Markie: Energy



El Keter said...

I'd be more inclined to download this song if it was actually by Biz and Al Sharpton.

Blind Boy Grunt said...

You should download that shit anyway cause that shit is hot.

Al Sharpton is hot too, but I'm sayin though....