Thursday, February 1, 2007

The world of middle class poverty

A tiny group of really rich people are getting even richer while the vast majority of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages. And everyone thinks they are part of the middle class. But the "middle class" is shrinking to extinction. Most people work hard their whole lives and leave nothing to their young but credit card debt.

I like the french revolution. That bitch was like; "They don't have bread? Why don't they just have some cake?" and her loyal subject had to be like: "ah-hem, your majesty, I don't think you understand. They are STARVING". She was like: "whatever".

Then one day they showed up at her gates. An Army of peasants. They had come for her head.

Like Guru said: It's mostly the voice. Loer Velocity has a GREAT voice. He sounds like he smokes gravel blunts. Mad laid-back. This is what I call Cool-Out music. He sounds like he's sitting on the couch next to you watching the knicks trying to pass you the gravel blunt. And you gotta be like: "Nah, I'm good homie."

Check it.

Loer Velocity: World of Poverty
from "Ready for a Renaissance" (Embedded 2006)

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