Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Old School Wednesday

As any self-respecting New York Rap fiend should know (unless you're a youngin') this is Uncle Ralph McDaniels from Video Music Box. And when I was in high school every wednesday was "Old School Wednesdays" on Video Music Box. I have many fond memories of cutting out of school to smoke L's and watch (and tape) Video Music Box. So in tribute to "Old School Wednesdays" we're gonna post some old shit every wednesday.

Side Note: Uncle Ralph still does Video Music Box on WNYC (check your local listings) but nowadays I think he's having trouble finding enough decent new hip hop videos to fill the time slot. The last episode I seen started with "Hip Hop Is Dead" and then played a bunch of R&B videos after that. Fitting. Ralph also has this other show on WNYC called "The Bridge" which is all old-school videos and is a GREAT show. And you should all watch it and support your local PBS stations. Word.


The Art of The Remix-
I know Puffy thinks he invented that shit. But he didn't (although that Flava in Ya Ear Remix is a classic. I just remember how skinny Busta Rhymes was before he started taking steroids and how he used to rock those ILL doctor Seuss hats)

Today's post is about how I always liked the remixes that went the extra mile. This is especially relevant today as "Mash-Ups", as they are now trendily called, are so common place. It's easy for anyone with access to a computer to make a "remix".

The Pharcyde had a series of remixes on b-sides using the same lyrics but kicking them all differently over a different beat. They're pretty much singing the lyrics actually. If you're reading this and you are unfamilliar with The Pharcyde's seminal work "Bizzare ride II the Pharcyde" then I can't help you. They should teach that record in school.

The Pharcyde: Otha Fish (L.A. Jay Remix)

The Pharcyde: Ya Mama (Remix)

The Pharcyde: Passin Me By (fly as pie Remix)

On this one The Gravediggaz do a remix where they spit completely new lyrics over the same beat. Kind of the invert of your average remix. This is my all-time favorite Gravediggaz track. I especially like the second verse when Poetic (R.I.P) tells that crazy story about the A-Team bumrushing the Jonestown masacre. "No tambourine-beating Deacon, is freaking my seed, every weekend, as long as I'm breathing"

Gravediggaz: 1-800 SUICIDE (New Vocal Version)

The Fugees' first album was kinda "ehhh". The reason they're famous now is cause of Salaam Remi's "Nappy Heads Remix" New Beat/New lyrics - It blew up. Boom. I bought the cassingle and kept flipping the side all day. I'm not gonna post that song. It's famous. I'm going to post their second Remix single. This was the first Fugees video I remember seeing back when Wycleff was a Crazy Baldhead. When I pulled this record out today and slipped it on I was surprised how good it sounded. Lauren KILLS it. And Praz is like "when I rest my head it's on a PEEE-LOW" and it made me smile. SIDE NOTE: Black Moon also used the so-so album/Amazing Remixes stratagy to blowing up (remember).

The Fugees: Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)

Del kicks different lyrics over a different beat. The only thing that's the same is the hook (kinda). Dope.

Del tha Funky Homosapien: Catch a Bad One (Remix)

This one was always weird to me. On the B-Side of Award Tour there was a version of The Chase part II where they let a mad young Consequence freestyle over the beat. Now the original song was called "The Chase part II" (what happened to part 1?) so you'd think this one would be part 3. But no. It's still part II.

A Tribe Called Quest: The Chase, Part II (*Rap by Consequence)

...And that's how we geek out on Old School Wednesdays. Until next time:



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