Monday, January 29, 2007

Lost In The City

Cool Calm Pete is the perfect artist to jump-off this blog. Born in South Korea, raised in Queens, Pete is a true New Yorker and a product of New York City Hip-Hop. Ever since Hip-Hop died (That shit is dead motherfuckers!) the pop music that devoured and digested it hasn't left room for artists like Cool Calm Pete. But "Modern Rhymes" sounds better to me than any hip hop I've heard on the radio all year. Also: People don't write rap music about dental hygene anymore. And thirdly: Embedded is my new favorite label.

Cool Calm Pete: Modern Rhymes
Cool Calm Pete: Brush P.S.A.
Junk Science (feat Cool Calm Pete): The Blaze-O (Scott Thorough Computer Rock Remix)


Anonymous said...

ur dead

Blind Boy Grunt said...

Is that you HIP HOP? Speaking to me from beyond the grave?