Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Colder Than Crisp Weather

The problem with Hip Hop purists is they end up with boring music. If anything that strays too far from the ridgid confines of "true" hip hop is criticised then nothing will ever evolve and you'll all end up like Hip Hop Amish. Living as if its 100 years ago - Making your own clothes, churning your own butter and ridding to the "vinyl record" store on your horse and buggy.

Also Jurrasic 5 sometimes ends up feeling like the Rap version of SHA-NA-NA.

To stay true to the SPIRIT of the early rap pioneers you gotta be original and do something new. That was what was important about what they did. Not only new but different from everyone else. Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Rakim, All had wildly different characters, different flows and different styles of dress. Nowadays, almost all mainstream rappers wear the same costume: coke dealer. All underground rappers have a closet full of oversized T-Shirts with graff designs on them. Its like the most boring holloween ever.

Ever seen when Bart Simpson opens his closet and its all red t-shirts and blue shorts? That's all that little motherfucker wears!

K-Swift is a true New York character. You can catch him running around the L.E.S rocking a flat-top on some New Old School shit. It's Cold Chillin' meets 2007 and is as current as the morning edition. Part of the New Rap Order I've seen him rock this song with his whole clique on stage and he tore the roof off. check it.

K-Swift: Nu Ol' School