Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Human Element

"The other day I was walking past NYU on the way to meet my pops.
And this white boy stops me talking 'bout he in the national socialist something or other
trying to sell me a paper and give me some free Mumia pamphlets.
So, you know, I'm in a hurry right and I told him.
And he tried to check me.
Like: "have you ever even heard of the black panthers?" and "Mumia was fighting so you could go to college" and all this.
I'm Like: "Dude, you don't even know me man. I don't even fucking go here man."
I know who the fuck Mumia is. Innocent niggas get locked up every day.
That ain't nothing new.

But yo,
on the other hand

You tell some brothers Mumia's on death row and they think he's making records with Suge Knight.
I don't know man. I guess it's really where you're at.

Bust it:"

Talib Kweli: The Human Element


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Anonymous said...

Since I quit my J-O, I have little to no tolerance for those without melanin. Especially self-righteous ones like the one you ran into dude. I fear that an aggravated assault case is in my near future fam.