Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This looks like a good show

Looky Look

I was a huge Heiro fan growing up. I've never seen Souls perform live.

I wonder if they will perform Cab Fare. I think it's a lot of people's favorite Souls song (after '93 'til infinity) even though it never came out (Bob James was straight haighting on the bay area hip hop)

I remember that song being traded on bootleg tapes for years.

Plus Embedded Music represents my great hope for a fresh new wave of New York City Hip Hop with brains and soul.

I am eagerly awaiting new albums from Cool Calm Pete, Junk Science, and the new Nuclear Family Spin-off group: Iller Than Theirs

Souls Of Mischief: Cab Fare

Junk Science: Do It Easy

Iller Than Theirs: To Be Ill

Cool Calm Pete: Lost (Blockhead Remix)

See you there.
Except you won't know what I look like.

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