Thursday, April 26, 2007

All I ever wanted was a real nice lady, a clean pair of socks, and some fish for my gravy

I do not need more money.
I don't want more money, usually.
The only time I feel that I need more money is when I see some asshole rapper on T.V. waving the shit in my fucking face.
Then I'm like: "why does that ugly-ass no talent philistine have all that shit and I don't"
But in reality I have everything I need.
I should be at peace.
But this fucking guy is showing me the inside of his fridge and the shit is like a whole shelf of champagne and then another whole shelf of Heinekens, and then like a big fucking turkey on the top. and I'm looking at my wife like "when you go to key food you never come back with no champagne, no giant turkeys....what the fuck"

I don't even like champagne. But I'm sayin.....

And I know. He knew the camera crew was coming that day. And he cleaned the crib. He stocked the fridge with Heineken and then the Heineken people will send him mad cases of the shit now cause he hooked them up with the Ill product placement on TV.

I know how it works.

But still. It starts me salivating.
It inspires envy and self loathing.

Art, in my humble opinion, should be an answer to those base human tendencies. It should be the savior of our low morals. It should protect us from the constant corporate onslaught.

That's why I love music and art and shit like that. Because it reminds me that life is in fact beautiful. That my wife, as annoying as she is, is also kind of hot and I'm a lucky slob to have her. And she cook good.

Just listen. This song always made me happy. The little scat solo Mos Def does at the end.
"pap pap pap" that's the sound when I smack the drum skin.

Bush Babies (feat. Mos Def): S.O.S.

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