Friday, September 19, 2008

Second Place

They're called Supreeme. They're from Altanta. They're giving this album away for free. Their new one, Gold Medallion, is gonna come out on Warner Brothers.


New York Universities said...

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N8 said...

Alright. I gotta say somethin. These boys (Supreeme B) are dope and sos this blog.
Big Ups

Rap Music said...

This video is really tight. thanks for the upload.

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Anonymous said...

Great video fellas...Look forward to hearing more about these cats.

THE Joint is called "Chronicles of Superman123 Away." Tune into this on ITUNES.

to learn more about this Brooklyn-bred entertainer, please check out these links

rap music said...

this was unexpected by looking at

Looking fwd to see what these guys got

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