Friday, August 17, 2007

Old People & Rap Music

Old Hip Hoppers love to name drop Public Enemy.
They go: "When we were coming up we had groups like....PUBLIC ENEMY"
and they put all this emphasis on the shit when they say it like: "PUBLIC ENEMY"

But a lot of these old hip hoppers now hold high paying jobs in television, radio, magazines, etc. and I call bullshit on all of them.
They are complicit in creating an environment where ignorance is chic and intelligence is old hat. They are like most old people they get old and they get cynical and selfish and they're like: "I gotta pay bills. I gotta live in the real world. I gotta do what I gotta go to get paid."

Then they sit around and talk about the "good ole days" an how these kids today don't understand.
I'm like: "motherfucker, you killed the good old days. Straight murdered the good old days. You help sell little kids snowman tee-shirts and franchise boys ringtones"

Well P.E. is still around. and this new shit they got is undeniably hot. and Chuck is going hard on it. and fuck all you VH-1 working ex-hip hop generation aging cynics.

Their new album is out now and is called: "HOW YOU SELL SOUL TO A SOULLESS PEOPLE WHO SOLD THEIR SOUL???"

good question
I don't know

Public Enemy: Harder Than You Think


Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

damn, all good points, can we post this on our site and direct people here?


some guy from new jersey said...

I remember one time in 87, listening to PE, and being blown away enough to write this guy "Chuck D" a letter. And hour and six pages later I threw that shit in the garbage.

Did this revolutionary artist want to hear about how some white kid from Jersey City was moved by his lyrics and completely floored by the music? I didn't think so. Fuck, I was still afraid to walk through the "black" sections of my town (rigthfully so, seeing as how I got beat up every time I did). So, any support I wanted to give to PE's cause seemed hypocritical at best.

But my PE cassettes shared equal time with all the metal in my car stereo those days. And still does.

Here's to the one band that never, ever sold out.
Here's to the only band that can sample itself and make the song better for it.
Here's to the prophets of rage for still raging, still speaking truth and still with the great music.

Thanks for posting this, good to hear about new PE and see Flavor still up in the mix.

some white guy from new jersey

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I laugh when I hear one of those guys tlaking in an interview, because they always say, it's real life. like a great thing,but the truth is they live that "real life" because they wanted too and they're music it's just stupid anyway.