Friday, March 2, 2007

You are what you eat

Yo, How come they name ghetto fried chicken spots after assassinated presidents?

In other death-oriented food news:

Prince Charles wants them to Ban McDonald's in England

Too bad he doesn't have any legislative power and they only keep him around for tabloid fodder and horse back ridding.

I'd be all for banning food flavored compost in general.

It tastes like food because they scientifically developed the most delicious "burger taste" in a lab.

You can smell McDonald's fries from a block away and it automatically triggers a Pavlovian salivation.

That's why you can't get a slice of pizza outside of the five Boroughs worth its weight in Mozzarella, but no matter where you go, McDonald's tastes exactly the same.

They could squirt that "burger taste serum" onto a hot pile of cow-shit and you'd be like "mmm hot pile of Big Mac"

Here's a handful of nutritious Rap Songs for your ass.


Donnan Linkz (feat. Loer Velocity & Remo Conscious): The Hood Diet

Boogie Down Productions: Beef

A Tribe Called Quest: Ham'n'Eggs

Dead Prez: Be Healthy

Common & Kanye West: The Food (Live on Chapelle's Show)

"Lentil Soup Is Mental Fruit"

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El Keter said...

I never seen a Lincoln Fried Chicken before. I know Kennedy is pretty entrenched. Isn't it funny that it's Lincoln and Kennedy though? After all, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln and Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. It would be awesome if both of them were known for their home-made chicken recipe and that's how the two chicken chains came about. But I know that's not the case. Oh, and I guess Crown must be the "hood" chicken joint exception that proves the rule.