Friday, November 30, 2007

Give Me Back My Month Long unlimited Metro-card I get from my job!

The best Hip Hop break-up song since Looking at the front door (honorable mention to "The F-word" by Cannibal Ox and mad Atmosphere songs).

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings w/ Cool Calm Pete: Stranded In Your Love (Cool Calm Pete Sweet Nothing Mix)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everytime I think I'm out they pull me back in in

It's been a long time I shouldn'ta left ya yada yada yada Rakim Something something hip hop journalism blah blah blah.

Bottom line I don't really care about the Internet - it is not real life and I am going to treat it accordingly.

That being said....

Let me send a super fat shout out to all the people who sent me an email or a myspace urging me to continue posting songs up here.

I think it's fresh that anybody even cares to listen
Blogs are the new Pirate Radio

Here's a grip of Mp3's I had in My Inbox:

Cool Calm Pete: Fight Song (Remix)

Mercury: Gap Toof Smile

Lu...Rreals feat. Cool Calm Pete: Utmost (J. Howells Remix)

Iller Than Theirs: Girl Song (Scott Thorough Remix)