Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fronting Like They Hard

What! I'm the last real Blogger alive! That's Offical.
I'm the Hardest Blogger on the Net.
I don't type, I mash Keyboards, Son!

Like: ksacdhfjcvbyk! WHAT!

Hold This!: lsdghkafhvbibvs WHAT!

One mo time: mdirslngknhlghhbfdgvns uggggggghhh! Yeah!

As, Stephen Colbert can tell you, the best way to make a fool of a foolish person is to hold a mirror to them.

In this case, Imitation, is the greatest form of showing them how dumb they really are.

Black Sheep: U Mean I'm Not
I always think of this song when I'm watching well-paid video thugs pretend to be killers. Like are they thuggin at their grandma's house, calling her a Bitch? Are they thuggin over their waffles in the morning; just grilling the waffle maker with a skrewface?

Masta Ace Incorporated: Ya Hardcore
"It's kind of like that movie Falling Down with Michael doug-uh-luss". From the B-Side of a Sittin On Chrome 12"

Masta Ace Incorporated: SlaughterHouse
MC Negro & The Ignorant MC. SlaughterHouse is quite possibly the most unappreciated Hip Hop album of all time

Jeru Tha Damaja: The Bullshit
THE BULLSHIT, yes this is THE BULLSHIT, the extreme BULLSHIT, the absolute BULLSHIT, this is THE BULLSHIT of BULLSHIT. This BULLSHIT is so BULLSHIT, I never wanna hear this BULLSHIT on the radios or in my children's ears 'cause it's BULLSHIT

"Children, time to run along to bed now"

"awww! Can't we just have one more song?"

"Well, maybe there's time for just one....."

***Bonus Track***
Masta Ace Incorporated: Slaughtahouse (MurderMix)
More fun with MC Negro & The Ignorant MC
"Brain's on the sidewalk, Brain's on the sidewalk"

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Nina Simone Sundays

Isn't it a pity?
You don't know what I'm talking 'bout yet but I'm gonna tell you soon- Isn't it a pity?

Nina Simone: Isn't It a Pity

Go ahead and marinate on that.

Friday, March 2, 2007

You are what you eat

Yo, How come they name ghetto fried chicken spots after assassinated presidents?

In other death-oriented food news:

Prince Charles wants them to Ban McDonald's in England

Too bad he doesn't have any legislative power and they only keep him around for tabloid fodder and horse back ridding.

I'd be all for banning food flavored compost in general.

It tastes like food because they scientifically developed the most delicious "burger taste" in a lab.

You can smell McDonald's fries from a block away and it automatically triggers a Pavlovian salivation.

That's why you can't get a slice of pizza outside of the five Boroughs worth its weight in Mozzarella, but no matter where you go, McDonald's tastes exactly the same.

They could squirt that "burger taste serum" onto a hot pile of cow-shit and you'd be like "mmm hot pile of Big Mac"

Here's a handful of nutritious Rap Songs for your ass.


Donnan Linkz (feat. Loer Velocity & Remo Conscious): The Hood Diet

Boogie Down Productions: Beef

A Tribe Called Quest: Ham'n'Eggs

Dead Prez: Be Healthy

Common & Kanye West: The Food (Live on Chapelle's Show)

"Lentil Soup Is Mental Fruit"